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Frequently, I am asked whether I offer discounts, and the straightforward response is a resounding "yes, indeed."

To elaborate further, I do provide discounts, but with certain limitations. On platforms like Etsy and eBay, my prices are set to accommodate the associated fees on those sites. However, if you visit my website, I can certainly offer discounts on quantity purchases. In fact, many sets and spacers on my website are already structured with quantity discounts that surpass any other place. 

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that I cannot openly disclose this information through Etsy conversations or eBay messages. Due to monitoring and potential consequences, such as losing my selling privileges on these platforms, I must exercise caution in directing customers away from them.

So, this is what I can say here, on my own blog. If you are looking for the bottom dollar or possible wholesale prices on lampwork beads, ask me directly through my website or this blog.


:) Serena

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