Astro Yellow

Astro Yellow

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Color Notes:

an oddlot color that is no longer in production - once its gone, there will be no more 

5x10 mm

Donut- This is my basic spacer size.  It is made on a 3/32"

mandrel with a 2.5 mm hole. 

Other available sizes and shapes:


mm Round- A miniature sized spacer with a 1.5 mm hole.


12x13 mm in size with a 1.5mm hole.


14 mm square with a 1.5 mm hole.


3x13 mm with a 2.5 mm hole.


6x12 mm donut- A larger donut with a 2.5 mm hole.

8x15 mm Super Sized- A humungous spacer with a 3.5 mm hole.  It is

perfect for stringing on leather or other thick cording.

European Charm- 5x13mm with a large hole to fit any European charm style