Silvered Ivory Squeeze Stripes

Silvered Ivory Squeeze Stripes
Item# silvered-ivory-squeeze-stripes
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Product Description

A pair of highly customizable and versatile squeeze shaped pairs.Order them in layered or side by side designs and in many different color choices. More can be added. Available in 2 sizes - small, 11x12, and large, 14x14mm.

Price is per pair

Blue / Periwinkle

Clear / Black

Clear / Sky Blue

Clear / Thai Orchid

Clear / Turquoise

Clear / Violet Ink Blue

Cobalt / Blue

Cobalt / Mint Green

Cobalt / New Violet

  Dark Aqua / Pea Green

Dark Aqua / Turquoise

Dark Lavender / Dark Violet

Light Aqua / Pea Green

Olive / Aloe

Olive / Copper Green

Olive / Turquoise

Pale Amber / Opal Yellow

Pale Amethyst / New Violet

Pale Amethyst / Pink

Pale Aqua / Turquoise

Peachy / Pink

Teal / New Violet

Turquoise / New Violet

Turquoise / Pea Green